Tagline winner: Gracie

by Jen on March 12, 2009

Here’s Gracie!  She was a tagline of the month winner in February and we’re so excited to see her.

tagline:  Legs Are Overrated

Gracie's Leg

Her person writes: 

Attached is a picture of my (Amazing) Gracie, the 3-legged dog. She was abandoned at a shelter after her leg had been caught in a coyote trap. Here is some personal info she’s allowed me to disclose:
NAME: (Amazing) Gracie
TAGLINE: Legs are overrated!
FAVORITE PASTIME: Peeing in PetSmart
OCCUPATION: Terrorizing mailmen (yes, I can still do this with 3 legs).
I LIKE…..: To drool all over small children.
OPINION ON THE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN: It’s great because the rawhide bull penises are on clearance!

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