by Jen on April 2, 2009


Mabel is the original fetching tags supermodel.  She starred on all of our print materials and back when our tags (and Mabel!) were young, she traveled with me to our very first trade shows at the Atlanta Gift Mart and the Backer Show in Chicago.  We drove from Atlanta to Chicago and Mabel peed on lots of Cracker Barrel grass on the trip.  She manned the booth and proudly greeted, strutted her stuff and sported her fetching tags.   She also did lots of product testing at the shows and made friends with other vendors who were thrilled with her enthusiam for their products.  She loves beds and plush toys.   She was so tired by the end of our days at the show – if you’ve done one, you know how draining it is to be ‘on’ all day, saying the same things over and over again – that she would sack out flat on her back on the hotel bed.  My mom went with us one year and complained about Mab’s snoring.  I know of several folks who acquired pugs after meeting Mabel.  One lady was so smitten with her that she got a pug and actually named her Mabel as a tribute!

We are thinking of Mabel today as she has surgery for a mast cell tumor on her leg.  Here’s to clean margins and a speedy recovery, Mabs.  We love you!

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