Tagline winner: Maisy

by Jen on April 17, 2009

Maisy was a winner in our March tagline of the month contest.

tagline:  Maiser Beam
maiser1 (1)

Her person writes:

About Maisy:

Maisy is a 12 month old rottweiler/beagle mix. My husband and I adopted her from a local rescue group after looking on Petfinder for a successor to a dog we had lost a dog last year to lymphoma.

Maisy is bursting at the seams with energy, which is how she got the nickname Maiser Beam. She is a force to be reckoned with! But she is also extremely sweet and loves everyone and everything. The hound in her makes her a bit stubborn, but she is very smart and is learning fast in obedience class.

Here are some pictures. You can see the boring blue ID tag she had before we got her Fetching Tag! ;-) The only way to read the tag is when she is sleeping.


Go Maiser!  Way to find a great home. . .

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