by Jen on July 16, 2009

I know you’ve been waiting for this one.  A real, hot, supermodel with a rock star name (and rock star hair).

Meet Axel.  081226_AIG Walk_0174 sq2 sm

Axel is a stunning long coated German Shepherd Dog.

Here’s his good side.

090201 Axel 056

His person says

One of his tags says “Throw It” and the other says “Frizbe Dog”.  He doesn’t say for sure, but I think his favorite is “Throw It” because that’s always what he seems to want to say.  Ironically enough, his sister has a tag that reads, “Supermodel”, but Axel is the only one that has had a paid modeling job.  Go figure.  He’d rather retrieve than eat.  I love him madly.

She loves you madly, Axel.  You’re a lucky guy.

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