Paulie & Tugboat

by Jen on August 10, 2009

We love canine rescue.  Did we say that yet?

Just look at these beautiful Labs who were adopted from Laborador Retriever Rescue of Cincinnatti.

Meet Paulie – short for Paulaner – a lovely silver Lab Weim blend.  What a gorgeous creature.

Smile for the camera, Paulie.


She will play fetch until your arm falls off.

She loves to swim and loves peanut butter.

Tagline:  I Was Rescued

and Here is the lovely TugBoat.  (two views)


TugBoat is a very unusualtwo-toned Lab.  That’s it Tug, now the other side. . .tugboat1

Gotta love that pouty lip.  (a classic breed feature of the Laborador Retriever)

Tagline:  Rescued Bully

(ok, so maybe TB’s not a purebred Lab)


Loves to tailgate in cars and trucks

Loves to wrestle with bigger dogs

Loves to attack garden hoses and he doesn’t realize bulldogs can’t swim.

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