Tagline winner: Dolemite

by Jen on September 10, 2009

Meet Dolemite, The Canine Tornado.


Dolemite?  Where’d he go?

From his family

Dolemite is a three and a half month old Shepherd mix who came to us courtesy of the Humane Society Calumet Area, three weeks after our beloved GSD Simon passed away. So his first job was filling a very large hole in our hearts. And he’s done that magnificently. We’re not sure what he’s mixed with, but around these parts some say he’s half Giant. He’s a big boy who appears out of nowhere on the horizon, gathering dust, and then wreaks as much puppy havoc as he can when he lands. Hence The Canine Tornado tagline. He is also The Champion Leaf Eater, The Cat-Herder in Training, The Pudding Pooper and The Cookie Hustler. And we wouldn’t have him any other way.


Tagline:  The Canine Tornado

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