Tagline winner: Timber

by Jen on October 3, 2009

Who is this littler charmer?

Meet Timber.

Marymoor off-leash dog park 8-11-09

Timber is an eleven-year-old Sheltie.  His talents include shaking with both paws, rolling perfect snowballs with his nose and charming all who know him. He is an exceptionally well-behaved dog who always shows great dignity and kindness.  He has a joyful, unconditionally-loving spirit.  He loves dog cookies, carrots and crisp apples.  Although he is disinterested in toys and has no interest in chasing balls, he finds great joy in running after imaginary balls.  If I pretend to throw a ball, he will bark happily and chase after the “pretend” ball.  He also has many dog friends. His only fault is a distaste for cats.  He will chase them given the chance.

Tagline:  Joy Boy

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