by Jen on December 10, 2009

It happens when I’m trying to explain Fetching Tags to someone without an actual tag or photo of a tag in hand, and it goes something like this:

. . .yes, by hand.  they don’t really look like typical tags – they say things like Scratch My Butt, Rub My Belly, or people can make up something that fits their own dog like . . .

and in this moment, every cute, clever, witty, award-winning tagline that you have ever created and ordered, falls out of my head, and somehow, inevitably, THE only thing I can think of to say is

. . .like I Love Cheese.


And then I explain, in a backpedally sort of way,

You know, for a dog that really likes cheese, or it could say I HEART CHEESE, with a heart symbol. . .

and I find this particularly strange because I’ve never fed my dogs cheese.  Never.  Yogurt maybe, cottage cheese, of course, but cheese-cheese?  Never.  Add to that the fact that Nobody has ever ordered a tag that said I LOVE CHEESE.  Really.   So why is this The example that always springs to mind?  No idea.  There have been some cheese-themed tags over the years, but I LOVE CHEESE?


Until now.  Thank you, Tiger.  Wherever you are.  All is right with the world.

Presenting THE



pictured:  Farm-fresh Chevre with Fetching Tag,

careless food styling by Jen.

Did I mention that I love cheese?

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Deborah in Ashland December 10, 2009 at 3:03 pm

Hi Jen!

I actually ordered a tag from you about 6 yrs ago that says “Gimme Cheese!” I recently had to put down my sweet Trixie but her peace collar with the tag attached is hanging from my rear-view mirror & I she is always goes w/me as a result. She would go bonkers everytime I said “cheese” & that was a sure-fire way to get her to come when nothing else worked. Btw, I also ordered a tag for my little doxie boy & have sent other people your way & they’ve ordered tags. Everyone says “where did you get that tag!” Thanks for your good work!

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