Tagline Winner: Bizkit

by Jen on December 15, 2009

What if you found one of these, all alone.  (I don’t mean if you were all alone, I mean if this was all alone – without a mama.)


Would you hold it and make it very warm?


Would you feed it milks until its belly was round and tight, wike a wittle dwum?


Would you love it and pet it and love it and pet it and keep it till it turned into a golden-eyed one of these?  (Cause things like this, they need love.)


Ask Marcy.  She knows.

Bizkit is a cat that I rescued from work, I have worked at a veterinary clinic as an RVT for 11 years, and he came in from a good Samaritan that found him in their backyard and was unable to care for him.  He is now 9 mos old and as bad as having a toddler in the house!!  He loves to run up to anyone and make biscuits on their clothing ….

Meet Bizkit.


tagline:  I Knead Love!

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Olivia December 16, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Mister McBizket!
Excuse me, SCONE!
omg I miss him!
wubb you guys!

margaret December 19, 2009 at 2:34 pm

HI BIZKIT! how funny.. we rescued a litter of 3 week old baby kittens from our yard a few months ago, kept one, and named her BISCUIT. love to a fellow lucky orphan! <3

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