by Jen on December 17, 2009

No, I didn’t spell Elvis wrong.  I meant elves – like the one that is in our workshop Right Now, banging away with his giant hammer, making all of your holiday dreams come true.

(At least the dreams that involve pet ID tags)

Anyway, he’s tired.  It happens to elves this time of year.  So we held some Tired Elf Twitter Contests to give away free tags in his honor.  Of course, he has to make the tags. . .

Here are some entries:


(holiday photo contest)

No, of course this is not our tired elf!  This is is Plummie, a completely different elf.

And this contest poem:

I call her Piglet although her real name is Coco,
She’s chubby and cute but I assure you she’s LOCO.
She’s large in the middle and small in the head,
Coco loves to eat, especially in bed.
Her favorite are cookies; any kind will do
Her 12lb butt will kindly wiggle and thank you.
Piglet’s really a doll, I’m not gonna lie
I just wish I could eat her, like a jelly roll or pie!

is about this little elf.


Elves.  They’re really in right now.

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