Happy Holidays. To you. In photos.

by Jen on December 24, 2009

We were inspired by our own holiday photo contest this year.

This is Plummie, our holiday contest winner:


This photo really got us going.

When we looked into Santa’s bag of Holiday Costume Paraphernalia, all we found was one red hat and one green apron.  So please bear with us.

The goats refused to wear anything.


They said the hat was too clean and the apron was outdated.

The mules would only model for carrots, and only Luther would model With the Holiday Outfit.


That’s it, Luther, work that apron!


Luther is tall.  His Holiday Stylist was challenged by his height.  This happens with models all the time.

Like Butternut.


Her height is such a challenge.

Luther Holiday 09:


Seasonal Butternut 09:


(by the way, Butternut is a miniature horse, Not a buffalo.  She is sporting her very own, very fluffy, winter coat.  No buffaloes were harmed in the making of this coat.)

None of these models would fit under the tree.

And we pined for a shot just like Plummie’s.

So we spruced up our own pooches and placed them.


Glad Tidings.

We wish you Happy Hazeldays!


Now bring us some Figgy Pudding.


And to all a good night!

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