Tagline Winner: Boudin

by Jen on December 27, 2009

Meet Boudin.

pkboudin1209a Boudin is my baby girl I rescued from the Fulton County Animal Control on her last days.  She was a year old and had spent her life in that dog run.  She was brought to the shelter at about 7 weeks old and adopted out, but within a week the adopter brought her back with a pink cast on her back hip.  The adopter’s boyfriend had been beating the puppy!!   So for 8 months she sat in animal control and no one had the heart to put her down because of the pink cast.  I got her and she had never seen grass, run, jumped or been on a long walk.  Now she is the kindest and most loving girl ever.  She is VERY shy and gentle but she always has a very melancholy look about her.


Tagline:  Queen of Sorrows

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