Ella’s balls

by Jen on January 10, 2010

There are many different ways to feel about balls.

Some love them,


some are indifferent,


some prefer ropes,


some try to devour or destroy them on sight


and some insist on taking them along everywhere they go.


Within this last group, there are the Ballaholics, the Ball Junkies and, occasionally,  you may even happen upon a



Like many other conditions, ball monsterdation has a strong hereditary component.

All of the above glossy espresso-brown dogs are actually one in the same.  Ella is 100% American Pit Ball Terrier.

Her person says

Ella is so ball obsessed, and obsessed with playing fetch, that while I’m walking and working out on my treadmill, she has figured out that if she drops the ball behind me while I’m on the treadmill, it will fly off the back of the treadmill and she has an instant fetch partner.  She’ll do anything for a ball.  ANYTHING.
Oh, and cheeseballs too.

Ella’s bat ears are her trademark.  They are what initially got us to adopt her.  My son, 9 years old at the time, was obsessed with jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald.  I allowed him to name her.
Her official name is Ella Fitzgerald, but she has 838494 nicknames, and the one that we use the most is Ella Smella.


Ella is also who inspired us to start our leash/collar business, Ella’s Lead.  www.ellaslead.com

Tagline:  Ball Monster. Rawr.

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sandy wood January 22, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Oh my goshhhh…Im so happy to have stumbled upon your site..and soooo love the fact that your Ella has big hears like my Essa!!!
Everyone that meets Essa thinks she’s part french bulldog because of the size of her ears! It’s the first thing everyone points out to me (like i haven’t noticed them yet) lol
I’d love to post a picture of her.. i think her and Ella could be long lost sisters!! :)

lynn greenberg January 28, 2010 at 5:01 pm

ella! so very cool to see you here on fetchingtags…..

yep, i’m stalking you from ODO.

it’s only because i think you’re so dang cute!

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