Bluebell & Petunia

by Jen on January 19, 2010

Bluebell was brought to the pound when her owner was moving and couldn’t take her along. The breed doesn’t exist,


but she is best described as a Miniature Pointer (though we suspect she might also be mixed with giraffe based on her long neck and gangly legs). Her former owner didn’t allow her on furniture or feed her human food so she’s thrilled to now be granted those privileges. Apart from that she enjoys sleeping in, sniffing yellow snow, and barking at noises only she can hear.


She’s not a fan of being left alone, toys that don’t squeak, and people she walks past on a walk who completely ignore her.

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Petunia is part JRT, part firecracker. She was scooped up as a stray in 2005 and adopted from the pound that year. She’s brought us years of delight and joy and is deceptively cuddly and affectionate (I say “deceptively” because most people associate JRTs with a bouncing-off-the-wall type personality).


She enjoys agility classes, sleeping under the covers, finding heat sources, and winning tug-of-war matches.


Among her dislikes are having porcupine quills removed from her face, being offered banana as a treat, and dogs who think they are cuter than her.


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parasol January 19, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Behold the cute!

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