Tending the Flock

by Jen on January 22, 2010

Herding Dogs.  Stock Dogs.  Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Sheepdogs.  These are the ages old,  go-to canines of herd, livestock and flock-keepers round the world, known for their ability to move and protect valuable animals as well as provide assistance and companionship to their human counterparts.


Then, we have the “Black Shepherds” of  working dogs.  We’ll simply pan out on the above photo, so that you may catch a glimpse of this rare breed in action. . .


Note the fierce vigilance,  and the


hyper-attentive nature and the natural camouflage.  (If you are having a hard time spotting the canine, just look for the red arrows.)


Nothing comes between this dog and her natural born drive to work stock.

(She does prefer the title Imperial Master Emperor of the Flock.)

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