The Extra Tags

by Jen on January 26, 2010

Today I’m going to answer a burning question.  Ready?

Jen, what do you do with all of the extra tags that you make?

That’s a great question!  Well, some of them get customized for shelters and foster groups.


Dogs wear these while they wait for their true homes and real forever families.  After they find homes, the tags are passed to the next adoptable.


Sometimes they have to wait a long time because people can be so slow.


At least they get to wear these tags, so they have some reading material while they’re in the big house.  And maybe the tags lend a little style to the pooches, in a place where it is nearly impossible to get a $75 haircut.


And what do we do with the rest of the tags?  Do we recycle them?  Use them as wedges to level building projects?  Label our vegetable garden with them?

Well, sure we do.

But mostly, we sew them to young children*.


Look at the way they twinkle – you should hear them tinkle in the breeze (Yes, I know tinkling in the breeze is typically not a good idea).


We’ve discovered that if you sew enough dog tags to a kid, they start to feel just about invincible.


Just about invincible.  I call this one Happy Boy.

*If you thought this was a place you could visit where you’d be free from cute photos of kids, I’m sorry if I’ve mislead you.  You are not safe here.


(In case you’re wondering which 100 items the other kids had on their shirts for Day 100 of kindergarten, here is a partial list:  batman stickers, beads, smiley stamps, photos of hotwheels cars, sparkles and, of course, colored macaroni.)

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