Tagline Winner: Brutus

by Jen on February 4, 2010

Brutus has a problem.


He hides his pain behind a giant smile, but here’s the issue:

This gal keeps getting really close to him.


Really Really close – like she has no idea that she’s totally in his space.

And all up on his sofa.

It is soooo hard for Brutus to get his beauty rest with her so near.


He’s tried counting sheep, planning the next week’s menu, sudoku, breathing exercises – everything!  But he just can’t get any shuteye with her all mashed up against him like that.

And you’ll never believe what she says:

This dog has no concept of personal space whatsoever. He sleeps with his muzzle either shoved underneath your neck, or resting atop it. Of course, he cannot easily breathe in that position, so he snores in your ear as well. Annoying, but so adorable you feel bad for moving him away. He loves to snuggle with us and our other dog, Ruca.

Unbelievable.  And she accuses him of snoring – Snoring!  Guess she’s never had to do breathing exercises just to get a little rest. . .


Tagline:  Personal Space Invader

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Louie February 8, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Go Brutus!

Robyn Sliipkovich February 9, 2010 at 12:42 pm

We have our second Greyhound whom we rescued after he was retired from his racing career, his name is Cooper. Alike most Greyhounds, when they “like you” and you both are standing, they like to do….”The Greyhound Lean”! This is when they lean over to have physical contact with you. It’s such a great feeling to you as I’m sure to them, to have that one on one body contact.
I was thinking….a great Tag Line Idea:


I hope you like it!
Thank you!
Robyn & “Cooper”

Tiffany February 12, 2010 at 2:24 pm

I love it!

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