Have you Herd?

by Jen on February 8, 2010

Our pack doesn’t just include the pawed and clawed ones –  we are equal opportunity leaders – some members have fowl feet and some have regular hooves and some even have cloven hooves.  Or maybe they could more easily be divided up by digestion style:   Ok, Who’s got more than one stomach?  Who has a gizzard?  Who would like a gizzard?  Who makes cat poop?  Who wants cat poop?

Anyway, among the cloven-hooved pack members resides this handsome young devil.

Meet Alvin.


It seems like only yesterday that he was such a little guy, slurping milk from another little guy with a bottle.


He slurped lots of milk.  We all had to pitch in to keep his wittle tummy full – this doesn’t even count as work, just a minor chore – farm kids can do this kind of thing in their sleep.  Or in their Star Wars pajamas.

And then, perhaps in honor of his favorite provider of milk (see above photo),  he grew a hairdo


(and a teenage attitude)

and sometime near the end of  September, the ladies started to notice his style.  His style is Vocal.  His style is, um, for those of you unfamiliar with male goats during their special time of year, we’ll just say “demonstrative”.  Alvin was suddenly an infomercial for his own very personal and intimate set of skills.   And he suddenly smelled.  Strong.  Very Strong.  Like he was covered in concentrated pee cologne with a musky top note and a musky bottom note (probably because he was).

Believe me, the lady goats noticed.


As did everyone else within 1/4 mile.

Without going into too much birds/bees-type detail, let’s just say that somehow this smell, along with the ladies’ innate appreciation of it, made them pregnant.


We’re proud of the little guy.

and Don’t worry, you still have a few weeks to meet the ladies and check out their rosy glows before the blessed birth events.

to be continued. . .

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Michelle O'Neil February 12, 2010 at 10:13 am

Not saying I’d want to smell him, but he is handsome. I’ll give him that!

Michelle O'Neil February 12, 2010 at 10:13 am

And the boy is just adorable!

Aunt Monie February 18, 2010 at 9:23 am

Two very handsome guys I must say!

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