by Jen on February 20, 2010

Hold onto your Golden Retriever gals, this guy is Hot. . .

Meet Petey.


He is such a great boy.  He was born October 27, 2006.  Petey and I spend time each day hiking together he loves being out in nature as much as I do. He is such a stable good dog, wonderful in the house and everywhere I take him.  Petey also goes on our family vacations when ever we can take him with us.  This past Fall he went to Killington VT, this Summer we’ll have a house on the lake at Lake George.  Petey has been to the ocean too.  He loves adventures.


Unfortunately in December he was diagnosed with a fatal genetic heart disease that is very common in Doberman Pinschers. He is in the occult stage and has no symptoms.  We aren’t sure how fast the disease is going to progress, he is on meds and hopefully they will slow down the progression and keep his heart healthier for a year or more.  We are trying to live in the moment and enjoy each day that he has left.   He has four human brothers who adore him as much as his mommy and daddy do, so he will be spoiled rotten no matter what.


He loves to have his butt scratched, so the tag saying fit him perfectly!

Tagline:  Scratch My Butt

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Krissy March 5, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Petey is quite the handsome fellow. Sorry to hear about his diagnosis. I wish him and your family the very best!

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