the Best Laid Plans

by Jen on February 26, 2010

Where have I been?  I’m having a midlife crisis, that’s where I’ve been.


I think I meant to say midWIFE crisis, sorry.

Meet Flair.


Flair is one of our dear Alpines.  She loves to give kisses, is a little pushy at feeding time, and she is always first in line to be milked, even though that’s not her place in line.

I wanted to introduce y’all this week so that you could join me in anticipating her due date March 3rd.  She has been steadily growing bigger and bigger.


She said this is not her best side – don’t tell her I posted these.

Anyway, Monday night, we arrived home and heard a baby goat noise.  The baby goat noise was approximately 10 days early, thus the crisis, and mama Flair didn’t feel so hot.  And neither did the baby.


In fact, the baby felt downright chilly, so we warmed him in a bag in a sink full of hot water.


After a few days of medicine and some extra tlc, Flair is feeling much better now (and so is the baby – more on that later).

Tagline:  Milk ME! Milk ME! Milk ME!

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Michelle O'Neil February 27, 2010 at 5:57 pm

So cute! Glad they are both okay.

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