Captain Crunch

by Jen on May 3, 2010

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No, not that one.

This one:


How I got my name:   Well, I’m an orange tabby and my Mom’s favorite breakfast cereal was Captain Crunch when she was a kid

Worse day of my life:   Getting sprayed by a skunk.

Favorite activities:   Power napping, I can go 9 hours straight and nothing breaks my concentration. Also, catching chipmunks, bringing them inside, and letting them loose in the house.

Brothers/Sisters:   I live with 3 other cats and 3 dogs. They all report to me.

How much do I love my Mom and Dad? I brought them a dead mouse on their anniversary and left it on the bed. They seemed to be asleep and not particularly interested. So, not one to let good food go to waste, I ate it and left them a few odds and ends to snack on.

Tagline:  BFF

*”Biographical tidbits from a feline pack member” is a more accurate description, but it didn’t sound as snappy.

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