What’s My Tagline? Winner April 10

by Jen on May 6, 2010

Remember Pete?


This was a tough one.  Pete inspired an intense volley of tagline entries.  Ball & movie references were flying. . .

After several slow motion play reviews to determine the winner of the free Fetching Tag, it’s time to say,

Congratulations, Katie!  Your entries

The Fetch is strong with this one.


Luke, I am your Fetcher.

were nothing but net  (do they still say that?)

and your winning tagline,

Watch your balls.

is a home run!  Hole in one!  GOOOOOOOOOOAL!

Almost the best:

On the Ball, from Meghan

ComPETEtitor, from Tara

King of Fetch, from Shannon.

Thanks for playing!

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