Chester, Pebbles & Chico

by Jen on May 7, 2010

Meet Chester.


Chester was found in a dumpster with a broken leg. He is 2 years
old.   He is the most loving and humble dog in the world. His favorite activity (if you can call it that) is lounging on his back and getting a tummy rub (hence his tagline).  He is a laid back love bug and an ambassador of goodwill with all children and other dogs. Soft, cuddly and always eager to please…that’s Chester.

Tagline:  Rollover Minutes

and here’s Miss Pebbles.

Pebbles was found with her sister at 2 months old in the rain forest by a kind hearted park ranger.  She is now two years old.
Pebbles is a complicated girl and will completely undo you with her eyes (hence her tagline). She is light on her feet and quick with her mind.
Coming from the tropics to Vermont might be a hard adjustment for some. Not Pebbles!  She loves the snow and she LOVES wearing clothes. When we first met her we knew we had come across a case of mistaken identity.  Pebbles was a princess masquerading as a stray dog!

Tagline:  Bette Davis Eyes

and you may already know Chico.


Chico is what started it all with the Satos* for us. We had never met such an endearing and kind little dog. We have had him since 1999. He is 13.5 years young and still full of pep,  kisses, and turbo tail wags.  He got his tagline from his sweet nature combined with his creative dentition. His signature tooth is admired by all who meet him.

Tagline:  Sweet Tooth

*Chico ,Chester and Pebbles are “Satos” which another word for street dogs or stray dogs from Puerto Rico. They are three of the fortunate ones to be rescued. There are currently 200,000 strays trying to survive without homes on the island.

Some people ask why get a stray from PR when there are so many dogs in need right here? Well, first of all it can be very hard to find a small dog in a Vermont shelter. Most Satos are smallish dogs. Secondly PR is a US territory and these dogs are in dire need of homes like any other strays. Thirdly, we have noticed that there is something quite unique about Satos. It is a kind of soulful and almost magical vibe that you can feel when you hang out with them. It is truly remarkable that they are as loving as they are after what they have been through. They are constantly reminding us of one of the most important lessons in life:   No matter what happens….LOVE!


Many people in PR are committed to ending the unspeakable abuses and neglect of these dogs ( and cats) and have dedicated their lives to saving as many as possible as well as spaying, neutering, medicating and feeding those who cannot be placed in homes at this time. One such rescue is Second Chance Animal Rescue or SCAR.
After the dogs are rescued and  have received everything that they need physically and emotionally. (SCAR goes the extra mile for each dog to make sure that they are rehabilitated and prepared for a new start in life.) Many are shipped to New England to Second Chance Sato Rescue in NH.

People  like us, who are eagerly waiting, are then united with their new family members!  We cannot say enough about the miracles that are being performed every single day by these rescues.  If you have a moment please check out the great work that these folks are doing.

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Michelle O'Neil May 13, 2010 at 7:54 pm

Chico and his tooth are KILLING me. Too adorable.

Shelby May 18, 2010 at 1:19 am

i just came back from puerto rico and saw many satos there (although my friend who grew up there says that there were many many more when she was a child- and the numbers have been greatly reduced). i will forever be haunted by the sad eyes of a filthy little mama dog who was wandering the beach. when i called out to her she wagged her tail before scurrying away with it between her legs. i have never seen anything so forlorn in my life.

how lucky those three cuties are!

kategvt November 20, 2010 at 9:18 pm

This is the cutest lil’ trio…and ambassadors for all Sato’s who have yet to be adopted. Adorable!

They also have the kindest human mom and dad a dog could ever ask for! Although, their life may have started on the rocky side…they are really living it up now!
love you chico, pebs, and chester!

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