Gracie speaks

by Jen on June 29, 2010

With the May Tagline of the Month Election Contest drawing to a close, one of our candidates has been wagging the vote. . .

Meet Gracie.


Gracie wanted to thank you for the tagline of the month nomination and to show you how great she looks, and how happy she is, with her tag.  We’ve been spreading the word to potential voters, but as always, the final decision is in their hands.

Like any good campaigner, Gracie has been hitting the streets, and talking up her message of…well…talking it up.  She has opinions and is not afraid to share them; from the state of the squirrel population in the back yard, to improving our environment by asking the neighbor to wear a shirt when he mows the yard.  She’s an activist and leader in the neighborhood bark brigade and is currently fielding offers to join the pundits on the Sunday morning talk shows, where she is only hoping to be able to get a word in edgewise.

She is a rescue dog, and tells us everyday how happy she is to be home.  It would be awfully quiet around the house without her, and nobody wants that.

Tagline:  Living Out Loud

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