True Love

by Jen on September 8, 2010

and homegrown tomatoes.

If you’ve been wondering how the formerly two-eyed Hazel is, wonder no more.


She’s doing pretty well, thanks.   It took a couple of months for her to regain her energy & get just the right balance of sleep, play, eating, play and sleep, but she has been quite dedicated to the task.

She was reassured by new friends like Mac, who knows just how she feels, and she got a Really Nice Gift in the mail:


A custom, hand tooled, hand painted Cherry Blossom collar made by Ana Poe of Paco Collars.  (A little jealousy is okay.)

And during her summer of rehab, the tomatoes grew a bit.


That’s Hazel in the red box in lower right for scale.  Actually, it has been an epic year for tomatoes, we picked 40-50 lbs a week from our front yard garden at season’s peak.  And they’re still coming in strong. . .


Too bad they don’t mail well or we’d send you one for your sandwich right now.   (A tomato, not a terrier.)

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