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by Jen on September 16, 2010

As the Tagline of the Month Battle rages on, we’d like to inspire your votes with some words from our contenders. . .

Meet Abby.


A little background Abby and her biological sister, Fiona, from a different litter:  A little over 2 years ago we learned that our standard poodle was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, and our (at the time) 18 year old miniature poodle was obviously not going to live forever, so we began our search for another child to add to the pack.  I like the non-shedding aspect of poodles, and my husband wanted an athletic dog that we could take hiking and snowshoeing with us, but would be mellow enough to hang out at car races and not be bouncing off the walls.  We found a family that was raising goldendoodles, and picked a puppy.  Fiona grew up with two old (and at times) cranky dogs, and was the athletic and yet mellow (and sensitive) dog we were hoping for.   We lost our standard poodle about 6 months after we brought Fiona home, and TaiChi (the miniature poodle, aka the Dust Bunny) was starting to have health issues, and we were worried that Fiona would be lonely as an only dog.  We contacted the family that had raised Fiona and they had decided to have one more litter of puppies (as a small breeder, the family was able to provide a great family atmosphere for puppies while assuring a clean home and genetically clean bill of health – no puppy mill here!).   We were given the pick of the litter, and my husband (the official ‘puppy picker’ in our family) picked the largest puppy of the litter.   From the time she came home, she has out-weighed her sister at every weigh-in point; she’s not fat, she’s just a big girl (and by big, she’s not ‘huge’ – at 2.5 years old, Fiona is 55 lbs; while at 9 months, Abby is already 62lbs and has quite a bit of growing to do).

We lost our miniature poodle when Abby was about 4 months old, and while Fiona clearly missed her “little big sister” she was also clearly happy to have Abby around.  Despite being the smaller of the two, Fiona is still the ‘Top Dog’  - it’s more work for her to wrestle Abby to the ground than it used to be, but Fi definitely has the psychological edge.  As for the name ‘Hippo-Bottomus’?  It just happened one day, and was perfect!

Tagline:  Hippo-Bottomus

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