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by Jen on September 29, 2010

Meet Chuck.


Have you ever heard of that trouble-making dog Marley? My owners think I’m just like him. Nonsense I say. I do not eat or chew things that are bad for me… except that one time I tried to eat those Christmas lights and escaped with no cuts on my gums or in my throat… And there was that other time when I punctured this bottle of bleach. OH! And when I knocked down a hairdryer and somehow turned it on; it was on the floor for a few hours but luckily my owners got home in time before I set the house on fire.


When I’m not destroying random things in the house I’m a total love bug. I love everything. Food, walks, water, running, people, clothes, bones, baths, you name it! Except cats…, but Ilove┬áto chase them. I also show my love in strange and sometimes frustrating ways. Just the other day I took my mom’s underwear out into the yard and played with it in the dirt. (We live in Arizona; our backyard is full of dirt!) When she came home and went outside, I retrieved the underwear and brought them back to her. She laughed and smiled at me and said, “Thank you”. And today I ripped the nose out of her favorite stuffed animal, but she didn’t smile or laugh about that.


Just a warning, if you meet me, I will give you lots and lots of kisses. I’ll lick your ears. I’ll jump up at your face if you ignore me. If you sit down expect me to accompany you whether there’s room or not. Expect me to make my way onto your lap and even invade your space. I will give you all of my love and I expect to be loved back. There’s nothing you can’t love about me… I have excellent manners during walks and car rides, but somehow I always manage to drool all over the windows and all over the floors of the house. I make funny faces. I snore like an old man. I sing and say “I love you”. I will cuddle with you, but if you move, I’m gone. And most importantly, with a face like this and my puppy dog eyes, you could never be mad at me.

Tagline: ┬áChuck Full O’ Love

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Becky September 29, 2010 at 9:37 am

Chuck is my kind of love machine. I love his Elvis sneer. My puppy has that talent, too.

Wanda September 30, 2010 at 10:54 am


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