k.c. lee

by Jen on October 6, 2010

Meet k.c. lee.


Need any trashcans emptied fast?  k.c. lee is the dog to call.  k.c. is 10 years young, and loves above all things to go for a walk.   k.c. hails from Tuttle Oklahoma, but now resides in Highlands Ranch Colorado. Her first experience at racing came at the tender age of 6 months at a Jack Russell play day.  She had to win.  She did. Six times in a row!


Now she loves to walk and wakes me early each day for her sometimes 2 hour adventure.  At a Jack Russell “obedience” class, she won no prizes: not for obedience nor for conformation.  Oh well, she still is an A+ dog, and our trashcans are the emptiest!


Tagline:  Jack Russell Terrible

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Wanda October 13, 2010 at 11:56 am

awww he’s adorable!!

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