Dog Haiku Giveaway

by Jen on October 12, 2010

Our favorites from

our dog haiku giveaway

are below for you.


my mommy is home!
I am so ecstatic that…
I made a puddle

Kathleen Hazelton

My pug so handsome
And the apple of my eye
Snoring as he sleeps

Vicki True

The pit bull is mine
Says his beautiful name tag . . .
Return him to me

Jena McFall


A big dog, indeed
Spends her days snoring away
Too lazy to move.

Dana Montero

Never holds a grudge
Always up for adventure
So, my best friend drools

Shelby O’Donnell

where ever you are
is where I will always be
because I am dog

Charlotte Ng


Quietly sleeping
Feasted on couches and shoes
My girl loves me still

Sandra Hughes

Piglet-Wiggle It,
Makes the cat box very clean,
No more kisses thanks!!

Natalie MissMaehurt Jones


My dogs are crazy
My children are crazy too
Makes for some good fun

Marla Timberlake Stout

Emma my Pitty
She is beautiful, witty
Loves to romp and play

Aditi Czarnomski

A most earnest stare
Brings you to this door faster
I believe. Amen.

Kate Merriman


They say I am small
They have not seen my spirit
I conquer mountains

Gloria Najecki

With audible farts,
Innocent smile and bobbed tail
Coin slot on his head.

Stacey Koschak Keith

rescue bully pup
lacks proper identification
needs a fetching tag

Sarah Finney

Congratulations to our winner, Tara Mahady-Coltey, for this beauty:

Catahoula girl,
swift footed, free spirited,
Swamp Dog returns to mud

Pictured in pack photos:  Cupcake, Karma, Molly, Penny & Finn

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Allie Araya October 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm

The best part of October is Fall,
but most of all Halloween,
My Boston terrier will be a bumblebee.

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