Blogathon = Tagathon

by Jen on November 12, 2010

As you may know, tomorrow morning I’ll start blogging and I won’t stop till 24 hours later.  I’m asking for your money to help a young girl named Natalie Morgan raise funds for a specially trained service dog. (yes, you may donate now using the widget that you see in the left sidebar of this page.)

We’d like to help some dogs at the same time, so here’s the deal that I’m offering:

For every $10 that you donate to Natalie’s campaign, we’ll donate a tag to a rescue dog in a shelter or foster care.


These tags will have a tagline on front, and be personalized with the rescue agency’s contact info on back.  They will help keep the dogs safe till they’re adopted and add a little extra style & spark  to each furry neck in the meantime.  And the best part?  Our tags are extremely durable – they can be handed down to the next dog waiting for adoption as each forever home is found.  Over and over again.

We put out a call for rescues that were interested in tag donations last week and the response was overwhelming.  Now hundreds of dogs in shelters or foster care all around the US are waiting for tags.  We lined up the organizations in order of response, so as soon as you start donating, we’ll start making tags.

Want more?

I thought you might.

Donate $20 and get a coupon for $6 off your next purchase with us.

Donate $50 and I’ll make it 50% off your entire order.


Donate $100 & we’ll make one of our new Fat Brass tags for you at no charge.  ($60 value)

and PRIZES!  GIVEAWAYS!! we have those too!  we’ll play games & ask the animals who should win. . .

Just email your donation receipt via contact.


Start giving!