hour 8: guest post from Riley & family

by Jen on November 13, 2010

It’s been a little over a year since our daughter Riley met her autism service dog Jingle for the first time. Riley,ever the germ-o-phobe, didn’t quite know what to do the first day at 4 Paws for Ability when Jingle slobbered on her hand.

“She took some getting used to, but now she’s a total love bug,” Riley says, adding…”She really likes me.”

Actually, much to her parents’ surprise, Riley got over the fear of dog germs the very first day. Jingle slept in Riley’s bed that night and has done so every night since.

“She helps me feel calmer, and she’s cute and she has the softest fur a dog could have,” says Riley, beaming at Jingle.

Riley’s dad Todd says he can’t believe it’s been only a year. “It feels like we’ve had Jingle forever, she’s such a part of the family. To think Jingle wasn’t even born when we started our fund raising, it’s pretty unbelievable.”

Riley Jing Blogathon

Jingle’s birthday was Nov. 7th, and she turned two. Riley showered her with new bones, treats and lots of kisses.

Rileys’ message for Natalie and other kids who are waiting for their service dogs is,

“Your service dog will be a fun experience for you and the dog will really like you. Jingle is more than just a regular friend, I feel like she’s my best friend.”

-For more about Riley’s experiences with Jingle, you can read her mom’s blog posts at Full Soul Ahead!


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