hour 10: Green acres we are there.

by Jen on November 13, 2010

Hazel is a farm dog.

Just the word “farm” produces growls of joy from her wittle wips.


Gladys loves many things about the farm, but she has an equal or greater number of things that displease her.


Things that she wishes would disappear when she closes her eyes -

like mules.


and hay delivery on the atv.  Or, for that matter, anything on the atv.

But not Hazel.


She hangs out on the thing even when it’s parked, just dreaming of another ride.


Hay delivery is important to her, and those big hairy things aren’t that scary.


Gladys begs to disagree.

It sure would be nice if you’d click on that widget over there and donate to Natalie’s campaign for a service dog.


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