Song, Sung, Who??

by Jen on November 19, 2010

Entering this contest took some nerve.  We were so impressed with all of the singers & your cleversweetsilly tunes, that you’ll each go home* with a $10 Fetching Tags coupon, just for showing up & singing.  Our guest judge, Lori, took her job very seriously and even sung a few of the songs to her own dog, Cocoa, to gauge actual canine response.

In the end, one song took the lead by a nose.  Or maybe I should say ‘by a nail’. . .

Hearty Congratulations to Barbara for penning & singing & releasing the music video for

Nick’s Nail Trimming Song!!

Now see if you can listen to our 1st runner up, The Shums & Bubbies** Song (with Shomdelicious bonus track!), without singing it for the rest of the weekend – I dare you.  click it to hear it: Shums Bubbies & Shomdelicious

here are a few more great entries:

Zach’s Ode to Mickey

carter the talking poodle

Tazz, You’re amazing

Teri & Clark’s You are My Sunshine

Marnie’s  Pretty Paisley

Thanks so much to each of you who entered & shared a musical slice of life with your dogs.  If I were a better sound file editor & converter, I’d post every entry here, but please know that we laughed until we cried & vice versa and Gladys came tearing out of bed for a closer listen to quite a few of your tunes!

*When I say “go home with “, what I really mean is that I’ll email it to each of you.

**For those of you wondering, like we were, what “Shums” & “Bubbies” are, and what makes someone “shomdelicious”,  here’s an informative post: Chester, Chico & Pebbles

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Barbara November 19, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Oh my gosh! Nick and I are thrilled, thank you! :) Congrats to all the entries… I listened to them all – very cute! :D

Annie November 20, 2010 at 10:07 am

All of these songs are fantastic!
It’s so cute how the dogs love t be sung to so much!

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