by Jen on January 18, 2011

Meet Felicity.


Felicity, aka “String Bean” — 2yo Border Collie, frisbee nut, agility addict, super sweet snuggler, fast as lightning.  I brought Felicity home 2 days after I was laid off as my Civil Engineering firm closed its Dallas office Jan 2009.  She has kept me on my toes since day 1, even going so far as to find me the most perfect man who I’m now married to.  Felicity means “happiness” and she’s happy to the core — so much so that it’s contagious.  It’s hard to be in the room with this girl and her antics and not crack a smile.  Fillie is as high drive as a dog comes, but around the house she’s quiet as a mouse.  She got her nickname “String Bean” (which has since morphed to Spring Bean due to the springs in her legs, and eventually shortened to just “Beans”) because she was so leggy and SO thin for so long.


I fed her little 25lb frame as much as my husband’s 65lb dog!  She’s finally packed on a few more pounds and isn’t quite as stringy as she once was, but the nickname remains :)


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Emily Hurt January 18, 2011 at 12:37 pm

That’s my Bean!
Gotta love her and her high-flyin’ antics :)

Devora Locke January 18, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Awesome doggie! Her joy just ‘leaps’ out of the frame!

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