Gladys & Hazel

by Jen on February 24, 2011


Gladys & Hazel

by Marnie Jones


Bold Hazel owns her world,

she owns her joy, her destiny—

She grabs life by the horns

and lives with true tenacity.

Hazel starts with H for Home—

and Heart, and Harmony.

Hazel, dress-up diva, party crasher,



Could there be a family that

needs more dog than you?

No, Hazel, impossible!

Though life’s more fun with two.

And so, not ’cause you needed her,

but ’cause she might be nice,

You added darling Gladys to

your gleeful, rompish life.


Gladys—who is Gladys?

Not a shrinking, quiet mousey—

Her true self, in the bull run,

can be playful, active, bouncy.

Still, she’s not the boldest,

nor the oldest, nor the boss—

She’s Hazel’s doting sister,

and lets Hazel call the shots.


Gladys—pretty, sleek and witty,

kitty-crazy baby,

The goats, the cat and Hazel

are your favorite lads and ladies.

There’s nothing like a nice cat butt

to fill your heart with joy,

‘cept the magic of your bull run,

or a quiet, loving voice.


Gladys starts with G for Gentle—

G for Glad, and Good—

Fine Gladys, tender sweetheart,

whose pure heart is understood.

Gladys—peaceful. Gladys—quiet.

Gladys—gentle, sweet.

To Hazel’s strength and confidence,

you lend tranquility.


Hazel—knowing. Hazel—loving.
Hazel—joyful, bold.

The two of you are perfect, though
you’re made from different molds.

Wiggle butt and Prickle face,

incredible and rare—

You’re special and beloved by

the many friends you share.


Thank you, Marnie, for the wondrous poem.  For those of you still unfamiliar with Marnie’s work, she is the FarmWife behind the voice of Fenway Bartholomule & the resident poet at Commissioned Poetry.  And yes, she can poetify your pet too!

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Michele February 25, 2011 at 10:16 pm

That was so sweet! Hey Jen, we are going to Florida this summer and roll through Atlanta, I’d love to photograph your beautiful pups! The baby goat too! :-) Molly could thank you in person for her beautiful tag!

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