Almost the Best Contest (ever)

by Jen on March 16, 2011

So, we’re here in the studio with Paco Collars‘ chief, Ana Poe, working on top secret leathermetalstuff


(and playing with baby goats)


and we decided to share the fun with you.  If you & your dog are chosen as Almost the Best in our contest,  you’ll win an Almost Paco Collar designed & made by me (Fetching Tags’ Jen) and an Almost Fetching Tag, designed & made by Ana Poe.

Why the Almosts?

Well, I’ve never made a collar before, & Ana’s never made a tag, so we’re sure that you’ll be surprised (and maybe even pleased) by the almostness of whatever we make.

Here’s how to play:

Post your dog’s photo & a brief description of how/why she’s Almost the Best* on Paco Collars or Fetching Tags Facebook pages ( here or here ).  Deadline for entry:  8:30 AM EST March 17th (that’s tomorrow morning!)


*What do we mean, ‘Almost the Best’?  You tell us!  Maybe Lola is the second fiddle dog in your pack or just missed some special canine achievement by a tail hair – you’ll figure it out.  And for those of you with the Best Dogs, don’t worry, we’ll have a contest for you someday. . .

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Caressa brown March 16, 2011 at 7:02 pm

My dog Fiona is omost the best! She is a rescue from 5 months ago she’s ugly but yet beautfull and strong and smart she’s learning quick life after rescue but still wants to eat my man. She is very protective of her new pack but still scared of tomorow! Are we going for a ride in the car or to her next??????? She slobbors and is rambuctious and very lovably she’s o’most the best, but I still miss kalaya. We will heal together and become the best. Best freinds! I love my dog!

kayte March 16, 2011 at 9:27 pm

My dog Maggie is almost the best. She is a “used” dog, coming from a shelter, and our initial homecheck/meet & greet was spent cleaning her tapass (squirts/diarrhea) off my white carpet. Not a good start, but I kept her anyways.

She was a high energy young dog, bouncing all over the place. We spent many hours playing fetch and she was oh so good at bringing the ball back every time. We were just contemplating agility, when Maggie blew her first knee.

Then there was surgery, recovery, blown knee #2, surgery, surgery, recovery, and then one more surgery (yes, 4 knee surgeies in total!). Agility was but a dream. Maybe the next dog.

Then we tried nosework. That’s good for a broken dog, right? Oh what fun it was, but completely unsuccessful. Have you heard of the “101 things to do with a box” game? We play a lot of it. Yeah, nosework was a gong show, but at least she had fun. Maybe the next dog will get it.

Tracking and article search! No boxes there, just a field and some canisters with treats. What a great idea. “find it maggie”… no, wait, find the article not the grass. nom nom nom…

We have a lot of fun, but we’ll never be the best at anything. Maggie’s six years old now, a little sore and a wee bit slower, so we’ll just stick to being almost the best and make the most of it :)

Laura Wagner March 17, 2011 at 11:25 am

I found Marji, near death, in front of a storage facility in Richmond’s Iron Triangle. She was severely malnourished, full of milk, mange, ulcerated blisters and had a big black scab for a nose. Shelah was returned to the pound twice, beaten by men. She has come a long way but still has issues. Jupiter jumped an 8′ fence in a San Pablo ghetto and showed up at my friend’s grooming shop pregnant, mangy and malnourished. Butter Bear was abandoned in a yard for 5 mos. after family moved out. He is about 14. It took 2 mos. of cutting out matts before he could be brushed. All of my pit bull gals and grandpa Butter Bear were almost good enough for someone. Together they are good enough for me.

*ATT was down and I couldn’t submit till now. Can’t post pic…

Laura Wagner March 17, 2011 at 11:29 am

never mind, I didn’t enter in the right place, derp.

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