Out/Scout’s Almost the Best entry

by Jen on March 17, 2011

Out ALMOST had homes…lots of homes. In the year that she lived in the office of the animal shelter, people loved to ask questions about her. Until they found out her hair would never grow back. Her sagging momma dog chest would never look dainty. Her heartworm damage would never totally go away. And to think, when I looked at her smiling face I almost walked away too.


“Down” and “Out” were dumped outside of a shelter, tied to the post. They were emaciated; Out had recently had a litter of puppies. She was (and is) bald across her entire torso. She was also infested with heartworms that gave her a perpetual cough. Plus–she’s a pitt bull, though she’s such a dearheart she couldn’t hurt a butterfly.

I’d always promised myself when I graduated college I would purchase the purebred Border Collie I’d always wanted to be my farm accompaniment. When I went by the shelter and saw that old, bald pit bull, however, I almost turned away. I was almost another person who let her down and bought a puppy instead. Almost another person too scared of the reputation.


Truthfully there is no ‘almost’s about Out, now Scout. She’s guarded injured kittens; she taught my deafblind dog to see in the house and find comfort near her. She’s herded goats, horses and chickens without ever uttering a bark…just like Babe (probably why she’s known as the ‘half sow, half cow’ around town.) She’s kissed tears and stood stoically beside me. She’s been to college campuses, restaurants, and shops. She was also the focus of my graduation photos–forget that border collie now. She almost has a perfect complexion…she almost has a perfect figure. She’s got such sensitive skin, she has to wear special collars and tags, and she’s allergic to almost everything. She almost let heartworms take her life, and these things almost prevented her from finding a home. I almost went into business, but if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have found my dream job…as a technician at the shelter where I adopted her from.

And to think, I almost passed her up.

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