All Roads Lead to Gladys

by Jen on April 21, 2011

Gladys has been wondering about something:

Let’s say you’re a She-Wolf, with a beautiful name (like Gladys), and an extra kind disposition, who has taken two members of a not so fortunate species, um,


under your wing,


and given them, well, milk, and loving & nurturing them like your very own kids.  In fact, your seemingly random act of kindness inspires all who learn about it and becomes the stuff of legends, immortalized on “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumper stickers, and in bronze


and on YouTube


for all of the future generations to see.

So what Gladys is confused about is this:  these kids grew up and named the great place that they founded, not after the Kind She-Wolf with a beautiful name like Gladys, who saved them from a sure death and nurtured them, but after themselves.   What gives?

I guess the name choice came back to bite them in the end though – imagine the potential income from tourism over the years since 735 BC that they’ve totally missed out on, just by calling the place Rome instead of Gladys.

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