Weapons of Mas$ Construction

by Jen on May 26, 2011

We made some standard issue “progress” at the farm in the last couple of weeks.  The kind that replaces trees & rich green spaces (& mud) with different shaped spaces covered in gravel (& mud).

We had to use these.


And if you’re thinking, wow, those are not so easy to use,


just try training your dog to do it.


Gladys, who just about has thumbs, caught on pretty quickly, but hated the noise that her digger made.  (She called it the digger – I know that’s not the real name!)


Hazel didn’t mind the noise from her pusher, but did have some trouble with her grading on her blind side.


Of course, we didn’t tell her that!  We just stayed out of her way. . .

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Shanda June 2, 2011 at 3:11 pm

Hazel didn’t graze the house or anything right? ;)

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