Rescue me: the Winners

by Jen on June 17, 2011

Sharing our homes with these fine creatures makes us winners, one & all, sure,

but in this contest somebody’s walkin away with the Grand Prize.


Keep on smilin’, Lola, you did it!  138 Likes earns you a Fetching Tag & 15 custom tags for the non-profit rescue of your choice.


And Stud Muffin, 121 Likes earns second place for you:  your own Fetching Tag and 10 tags for the non-profit rescue of your choice!

The Tagmaker’s choice award was a tough decision.  Your stories of rescuing a mutt that ended up saving you, & bringing home a dog that led you into a whole new passion brought us tears & laughter.  Thank you for sharing your tales.

For many of us,  deciding to rescue a pet & then choosing exactly which pet to rescue can be arduous.  For our winner, simple resonance made her decision a snap:


This is Stella. I adopted her from the Eastbay SPCA in Jan 2010. She was found with a broken leg that had to be amputated. I was born with a congenital amputation and walked on prosthetic legs since age 1. So when I was looking for a dog and saw her it just made sense! Then in April 2010 I fell and had to have part or my femur amputated. I am learning to walk again, now as what I call a “street cred” amputee. It has been more difficult then I predicted and can’t imagine going through it without my nurse Stella. Between the two of us we have four legs, she completes me!

Congratulations, Stella!  You win a Double Agent from Paco Collars!

Wait, there’s more. . .

We were overwhelmed by your response to this contest & your ability to rally Likes for your favorite rescues.   So we’re donating even more tags in 2 more categories:  100+ likes & 40+ likes.


For her 115 Likes, Daisey Mae’s favorite rescue will receive 8 custom tags.


For his 105 likes, Pop’s favorite rescue will receive 8 custom tags.


For her 47 likes, Kaylee’s favorite rescue will receive 5 custom tags.


For his 40 likes, Taki’s favorite rescue will receive 5 custom tags.


For his 40 likes, Baxter’s favorite rescue will receive 5 custom tags.


For his 40 likes, Riley’s favorite rescue will receive 5 custom tags.

For all of you who watched, entered or Liked a rescue in our contest, here’s  a special, 1 week only, 25% discount or donation* offer:

Want to save 25% on  your Fetching Tags order?

Use coupon code rescueme in the coupon field when you order at

Want us to donate 25% of your Fetching Tags order total to your favorite non-profit rescue?

Enter the name of rescue, location & their Paypal donation email (must enter this for us to make the donation) in the Note to tagmaker field at checkout.

*You must choose discount or donation – can’t have both!  Make sure your coupon code goes in the coupon code field!

Offer expires midnight 6/24/11.

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Marnie Jones June 17, 2011 at 1:40 pm

You guys are AWESOME. Just sayin’.

Lexi Dvorak June 17, 2011 at 3:44 pm

My dog Baxter is one of the winners, how do we contact you to let you know the rescue we’d like the tags sent to?

Annie Frelich June 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Hi Jen,
I wonder if I missed out with my timing here. I had just ordered a tag while this was all going on. I requested a donation to Second Chance Animal Rescue as part of the standard Stray Gold Program when I ordered my tag…can get a 25% donation ( instead of the normal 20%) because we entered the Rescue Me contest? If I did miss out, then I am very happy with the normal donation….but the more money that Second Chance Animal Rescue receives the better!Every percent count.
We LOVE our Fetching Tags!!

Jenn Frankavitz June 18, 2011 at 9:46 pm

My pup Riley is one of the winners as well. How to we contact you with the shipping address and what we would like printed on the tags for PAWS?


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