Cruddy Tags 2011

by Jen on July 12, 2011

Once upon a time we got an email from someone who complained  that they bought one of our tags and that the ID info had worn off  & was unreadable.  We requested that the tag be returned so that we could examine it for defects since our tags don’t really “wear out” or become illegible.

When we received the tag, we noticed right away that the customer was right about one thing -


the tag certainly was illegible (black spot added to obscure remaining ID info) -

But it wasn’t made by Fetching Tags.

Here’s the replacement that we made.


And, No, you can’t send in your cruddy tags for a free replacement from us, but you can WIN one!

Announcing the Cruddy Tags 2011 Giveaway:

Post a photo of your dog* (or other tag-wearing pet)  wearing a cruddy tag on our Facebook Page, along with a brief description of why they need &/or deserve a Fetching Tag.   Then tell all of your friends to Like your post.  Be sure to include dog’s tag size:  tiny, small, medium or large. The posts with the most likes in each size will earn that pet a fantastic Fetching Tag,

like Izzie’s!


Tagline:  Sex    Pugs    Rock N Roll

Don’t worry, it’s not just a popularity contest!  We will be awarding 4 more Fetching Tags (including the coveted Fat Brass tags) using the Tagmaker’s Choice Winner Choosing System, which includes, but is not limited to:  Hilarity, Cuteness, Awwww Factor, Extreme Bravery, Ridiculosity, Upstanding Citizenry & Tearjerker.

Deadline for entry:  Friday July 15th, midnight.  Likes will be counted at noon on the 16th, & all winners announced Monday July 18th.

*Please enter your pet only if he or she does not yet have a Fetching Tag – we host lots of giveaways and want this one to be for those of you who have not yet sampled our fine wares.

Oh, and Please don’t offer to donate your prizes to shelters or needy foster dogs.  We do that in other ways, like this and this and this.


Here are the winners from our 2010 Cruddy Tags giveaway (for inspiration).

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Donna and Zoe July 12, 2011 at 9:49 pm

I never enter contests where you have to do more than fill out your name & e-mail ;-) Just laziness, nothing against the more sophisticated competitions. But I have to find Zoe’s first tag & get a picture. It is on one of Luke’s old collars & I just crossed out “Luke” with a sharpie and wrote “Zoe.” If she only knew how unfashionable she was!

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