Cruddy Tags 2011: the winners

by Jen on July 18, 2011

This is Badger, honey,

watch it run in slow motion on the beach!


It’s gonna be pretty bad-ass wearin its new tiny Fetching Tag. . .

just crazy!  Congratulations, Badger, honey!

and Thank you all for bringing your tired, your cruddy & your blue bone tags to our 2011 Cruddy Contest!  We have really enjoyed meeting your pets & reading your excuses for stories about their cruddy tags.

When it came to most Likes on Facebook, one winner stood far, um, “above” the rest.


Well done, Snowy!  You earned yourself a tiny Fetching Tag!

Winning the Small category was no small task.  or was it?


Congrats, Nala of the golden hair!

The race to most Likes in medium was a tough one & ended with a tie!



and Bandit,


you did it!  A Fetching Tag for each of you!

And Large but not Least,


bravo, Bruno!

The Tagmaker’s Choice Category Winners

To call this contest a tough one doesn’t describe it by half.  There were some superb dogs, and a cat, and a lamb wearing cruddy or even –  gasp! – no tags entered in this year’s contest.

In addition to Badger, the following will be sporting brand new Fetching Tags real soon-like.


Molly, you and your superfast moustache streaked to the top of the tagmaker’s list for a small Fetching Tag.

Jenni, will you please stop being mad?


You can finally lose that blue bone and start wearing a medium Fetching Tag (and a smile. . .)


Buddha, we promise to spell your name right on your new Fat Brass Skinny tag.

Baxter, you’re livin large, buddy.


Porcupines are not your friends.  (This may give you some tagline ideas for your new large Fetching Tag.)

and Prince William,


welcome home, friend.   Your shiny new Fat Brass Fetching Tag should be the heaviest thing to bear from here on. . .

We wish that all of the rest of you could also win free Fetching Tags, but we just can’t afford that.  So here’s the next best thing for those of you still wearing cruddy tags:

use code       snowy

to save $10 each time you order at this week.

Coupon expires 7/22 midnight, tell all your friends!

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Kristina July 20, 2011 at 1:49 pm

How does one claim their winnings? Baxter is excited!

Cindy August 17, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Hiya, I’m Molly with the mustache’s Mom. She won a Fetching Tag in the Cruddy Tags contest. Thank you SO much for picking Ms Molls. How does she claim her tag. She’s still dancing a gig about it ! Thanks, Cindy

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