A state bird in the hand

by Jen on August 23, 2011

that was hung by two toes in the bush:

I heard a little fluttering each time I walked past a certain bush this morning & finally peered inside on the third trip. Good thing I did, as this little thrasher was seriously hung up by some beige thread tightly looped around his toes & two branches.  I cut the branches away & brought him inside to remove the remaining thread.

I thought Gladys would be pleased to meet our fine feathered state representative, as they share being somewhat famous & brownish.

Instead, Gladys was horrified by him & suggested that Georgia should have a State Rabbit instead of a super scary Brown Thrasher bird.


The thrasher was successfully released from the offending thread back into the wilds of the backyard.  Gladys is still upset.

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