Do eaters ever win? Yep.

by Jen on August 31, 2011

We just had a really funny giveaway on our Facebook page, called You Gonna Eat That?

Here are the winners:

Karma, you pounded the pavement & got the most likes, earning a Fetching Tag for yourself (or your baby brother) – Congrats!


Hazel’s Choice was a shoo-in – or should I say Glue-in – ¬†with a story that really stuck to our ribs. ¬†Hazel thought that Gorilla Glue sounded pretty irresistible too, Echo! congrats!


Things got a bit more tricky in the Tagmaker’s Choice category.

The Tagmaker was especially taken with


Claire the Sod Swallower,


Ember, the Husky Defluffer,


& Butter-Lover, Dahlia.

Dahlia, you just greased past the others in the end – You get a Fetching Tag.

Thanks so much for entertaining us with your stories, and for those of you who had harrowing experiences involving veterinary intervention, we are so glad that your pets survived their own appetites for destruction!

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