25th Cutest: The Champion of Giveaways

by Jen on September 27, 2011

Who’s number 1?  Who knows?  Who cares?!


Gladys is Number 25!*

In celebration of being crowned the Champion of Cute (to the 25th power), Gladys is giving away 25 tags to your favorite rescue, along with at least 25 other glorious prizes**.

To enter, post a photo or video of your own  Canine Champ of Cuteness (or feline, equine, caprine or other “ine”) & a brief description on our Fetching Tags Facebook page.  Why is your pet the CUTEst? Is it because of his feathery puppy paws?  Her big golden eyes?  His unsquashable spirit?

Then spread the word – the entry with the most “likes” wins.

Wins what, you ask?

Why, 25 custom Fetching Tags*** for the non-profit rescue of your choice + a tag for your own Champ of Cuteness, that’s what.

The entry with the second-most likes will win 5 custom Fetching Tags for the non-profit rescue of your choice + a tag for your own Champ of Cuteness.


and don’t worry, it’s not just a popularity contest.  The Champ entry that the FT Pack deems worthy of 25th Place**** will win a $100.25 Fetching Tags gift certificate.

oh, and here at Fetching Tags, everybody who enters is somewhat Champ-like and therefore gets a FT gift certificate. Values range from $5.25 to $10.25 in a randomish way. Be sure to include your email address in your entry if you want a certificate. . .


So what are you waiting for?  Your dog/cat/etc. is the Cutest, right??!

Deadline for entry:  midnight, October 3rd.  Winner announced Tuesday, October 4th.

*Milk Pants?  it all started with this.

** FT gift certificates are glorious.

***This is the prize that keeps on giving!  Because our tags are so extremely durable, these foster tags may be handed down to the next available dog as each is adopted.  As you know, our  taglines are engaging & fun and can add that little “pick me!” spark to a dog awaiting adoption, as well as provide important contact info should they escape custody!

**** “25th Place” does not mean the entry with the 25th most facebook likes.  25th Place will be awarded to the Champ that gives us, the FT pack, the strongest internetishviralcuteoverloadish feeling deep down inside.