25th Cutest: the TieBreaker

by Jen on October 5, 2011

Well, so it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be to choose the 25th Place for our giveaway.  The Most Likes category was easy to count & award:


Hector the Pit Bull was the winner of the 25 + 1 tag prize with a whopping 491 Likes.  Hector happens to be famous & did use his celebrity status to campaign, but hey, that’s politics, right?


and Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess was so close on his heels with 434 likes, that we’ve decided to give her 10 tags for her favorite rescue instead of 5.

(Yes we noticed the bully tongue thing – what’s up with that?)

Which brings us to 25th Place.

Which Champ of Cute will take the prize?  We’re going to have a TieBreaker cause we’ve only narrowed it down to 5.  The people who live with the dogs below will have until friday (10/7) at noon to post one or more further examples of these pooches’ cuteness on our Facebook page.  Post whatever you’d like – another photo, a short story, a video, a poem, a letter – whatever you think will do the trick.  Don’t worry about getting likes, they still won’t help with this category, but we look forward to other comments & opinions!

The following  5 dogs are currently tied for 25th Place:

Levi, the goofy heartmender


Mabel, the queen


Alice Ali-gator, the eyeless Aussi-huahua


Diego, the squirrel stalking Brewers fan.


and Bayleigh, the miniwerewolf.


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Nell Mayer October 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Alice the eyeless Aussi huahua gets my vote. How sad is that?

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