by Jen on October 27, 2011

Hi I’m Domino, I am 2 years old.


My masters rescued me when I was about 3 month old. I am American bull dog mixed with a great Dane.

I’m a mutt but my masters don’t think so. I love toys so very much & I’m the captain of squirrel patrol. If the word ‘squirrel is said’ I lose all track & run to windows & doors to find it.


I love outdoors ,walks on the beach, going bye bye &  rolling around in the grass. When my momma master says Daddy’s home I greet him at the door with kisses & butt wiggles. When little master gets home I do the same but I pounce him like a cat & he likes it. I love my Masters they take good care of me, buy me treasures like my Fetching Tags so I don’t get lost , Plus who doesn’t like some bling around the collar?!

Puppy licks & paw shake,

Domino Adams

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