the Word Bracelet winners.

by Jen on November 9, 2011

Wow.  This contest has been AWESOME.  It’s really been awesome to see the faces/wrists that belong to some of our favorite canines & to meet some fantastic new humans too.  Thanks so much to all who shared your special Word with us, we appreciate you!

and the winners are. . .


Christina Almodobar Buerdier
Word:  Inspired
I feel very inspired by the world, people and everything around me. This is why I picked inspired. I run a very small dog day care business and I use everything around me to get inspiration!!
Angela Boylen
Word: KAHU

It means “guardian” in Hawaiian. This is my vehicle license plate on my Prius. I feel, as a parent, pet owner, and resident of earth that it is my job to take care of those who can not take care of themselves. I must protect the souls entrusted to me so they may live full, happy lives whether they are human or feline or canine as well as protecting this world so my children can walk in woods with their children.

Lexi Dvorak
Word:  Flyball
silly as it is, this word is what keeps me sane. I work as a dog trainer at a doggy day care. All week long I look forward to putting aside my training plans for dogs belonging to other people and get to go out and play with MY dogs in a sport we all love a lot. It gives me a reason to travel and for the first time in a long time has got me out of my rut and making new friends and meeting new people – things i haven’t done in a long time. If someone took this word away from me i would literally go crazy.
and Congratulations to you and your loved ones
Vicki Aquino Ronchette
I really want to win a bracelet for my sister in law. Her word is BADASS!
Natalie Youtsey
Warrior- I think that this word really describes me well. I was dx with MS in 2009 and talking to other people with MS really made me sad. It seemed like all they wanted to talk about was the negative of MS. I took this as a way to change my life. I started to eat healthier and started running like crazy. Since then I have ran in 2 half marathons and I am training for my first marathon!!! I am going to be an MS Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Salazar

There are many words I could pick for my son David, but he’s serving our country over seas right now, so I would choose the word DEFENDER.

Didn’t we tell you it was awesome?!

Winners, please email or call 510.848.7226 with your wrist size, color & metal choices.

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