If the tagline fits, Win It!

by Jen on November 16, 2011

Welcome to shopping season.  For your dog id tagging pleasure, some new Fetching Tags will soon be available on our website.  (Yes, they’ll be up in plenty of time for gifting this year.)

We made a few extra Fat Brass* tags for product photos & just had a great idea:  we could find some big dogs that match these taglines, customize the flip sides & start the giving early!


These 4 tags are available (as shown above):  Gentle Giant, Sassy Pants, Mr. Nice Guy, and It Wasn’t Me.

Is one of these perfect for your pooch?  Then enter the giveaway:

  • Post a photo of your big dog on our Facebook page with his/her fitting tagline (from these 4 only!)
  • Briefly describe why the tagline is such a good fit & include your email address.
  • Tell your friends to like your post

On Friday, November 18 at noon EST, the post with the most likes for each of the 4 taglines wins that tag, customized with name, phone & symbol.


*a little more info about our Fat Brass tags:

Brass is heavy & durable by nature, so when designing these tags we decided to let those qualities shine.
Want heavy?  You got it!
These solid brass tags are almost twice as thick as our original aluminum tags & still deeply stamped by hand.  You’ll love the soft glow that they develop after a few months of wear against your dog’s coat.

Can my small dog wear a Fat Brass tag?
Short answer: No.  They are recommended for dogs 40lbs & up. Really.

Why are your brass tags more expensive than the aluminum Fetching Tags?
Short answer:  Solid brass is much more expensive than aluminum & more difficult to craft.
Our Fat Brass tags are very different than the thin, brass-plated, barely engraved tags you’re used to seeing. They really are thick & did we mention that they’re heavy?

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tanja baker November 17, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Hi guys,

i just wanted to thank you for the Flower power tag i got for my dog tokala a while back and the great deal you guys gave me on the tag.I use the brass tags for about a year now on all my dogs and i just want to give you some feedback .The tags are fabulous but the brass rings that they come with wear out over time, i have seen it on all the tags,the weight of the tags makes the brass ring thinner over time…i lost one tag this way and now i periodically check the rings for wear and switch them out every 6 months or so….just want to let you know and thanks again for all the nice tags! tanja

Dana & Journey November 19, 2011 at 3:29 am

I haven’t noticed that problem with the ring that came with Karma’s fat brass tag but I’ll keep an eye on it. She’s had her tg over a year as well and as of last night the ring on it was still like it was the day it arrived. Perhaps it was a faulty ring?

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