by Jen on December 26, 2011

Meet Barney.


Barney will be 4 January 24 and I got him from a lab rescue in Kentucky. He came home with me when he was 9 weeks old. He would just as soon get scratched behind his ears as fetch a ball and he and Tal (my 5 y/o full blood lab) are best buds! They both love playing in the tall grass behind the baseball field at the college where I teach and it would be a toss up as to who has who trained! They are a true blessing and I am so very fortunate to have them both! When Barney does run, though,  believe me he is really fast! My favorite thing is when he comes up to me and puts his paws on my knees when I am sitting down and lets me scratch him behind the ears. Definitely a goofball! Just like the rest of us here!

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